Why Your Owner’s Manual Can Help You Save Money

owner’s manual
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Owner’s manuals are useful because not all vehicles are the same; knowing as much as you can about your particular model is an excellent way to keep in good conditions but also to save time and money.

It’s your best ally when it comes to taking care of your car – it can help avoid unnecessary charges and make you more aware of your vehicle.

Nevertheless, owner’s manuals can be overwhelming – they tend to go into great detail and provide quite a bit of information. However, it is very easy to find the information you are looking for and they can be extremely useful, particularly to first time car owners.

Why Should You Read The Owner’s Manual

The newer the car, the more likely it has technological features, and to set these up it is necessary and recommendable to read the owner’s manual. Setting up something wrong can lead to frustration and eventually the unnecessary charge for needing extra help.

Learn Technical Details About Your Car

Car owner’s manuals provide technical information on the car such as the engine size and serial number, vehicle load capacity, safety information (children safe lock, airbags, seat belts…), air conditioning, tire information, emission control, fuel and liquid recommendations, etc.

You can learn in detail how everything works, every knob and button, and its corresponding functions. By knowing how your car works you can definitely make better cost estimations and know exactly (or quite precisely) when checkups are due and the parts that need more frequent maintenance. Additionally, knowing information such as your car’s dimensions can help create more precise budgets, for instance, to paint the vehicle.

By studying your owner’s manual you can interpret what your car is saying. Some warning lights are easier to understand than others, yet they all mean something. Knowing what is happening in your car is key to avoid damaging it.

Be Prepared For An Emergency

It’s not unusual for cars to brake, and drivers should know enough about their car to be able to handle such situations. Knowing how to safely jump start your car, learning about possible symptoms and what the problem might be can be very useful and can save tens (or even hundreds) of dollars in the repair shop.

Fixes aren’t always complicated. There are some parts that are fairly easy to change and you can save several dollars by doing it yourself such as windshield wipers, spark plugs, air filters, headlight bulbs or seat belts. Learning how to change your tires is also something every driver should know and one that owner’s manuals normally explain how to do.

Learn About Preventive Care

Preventive care is the best way to spend your money – your car will last longer, it will perform better and, if you want to resell it, you will get a better deal. Maintenance can vary from car to car, which is why the owner’s manual can be a great way to learn the specifics, as well as how and when to check car parts, when to change fluids such as brake liquids or oil, and a few tips to avoid unnecessary visits to the mechanic.

Keep Your Car In Excellent Condition

In order to keep your car in good conditions you have to learn what is best for your car model.

Many underestimate the uniqueness of each vehicle and proceed to check fluids without even considering the needs of their particular model. Some fluids should be checked with the car off and others with the car on.

Tires are essential to any vehicle and ideal tire pressure varies from one car to another. Owner’s manuals usually include clear and easy to follow instructions to fill them up correctly. You will also learn where your spare tire is, how long you can drive with it and how to operate a car jack.

Apart from wanting your car to work properly, you should also want it to look good. As with clothes, each fabric of the car has its special needs and you should tend to them as much as possible. Owner’s manuals can help you preserve the inside of your car. Keeping these details guarantee getting a better price on your car should you wish to resell it.

Learn The Best Way To Drive Your Car

Your owner’s manuals can also provide the best way to drive your car. It may come as a surprise, yet driving styles are different and the have an impact on the car you drive. You should be especially attentive while driving during the car’s first 1,000 miles, period also known as “break-in period”. Normally, it’s best to drive under 75 miles per hour during this time, as well as avoid exceeding 3,500 RPM on the first 500 miles, mainly because new parts have to get accustomed to the engine and to “shape” themselves. However, these numbers can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Owner’s manuals often include guidelines to properly treat your car during these first thousand miles.

Use Gas Efficiently

Owner’s manuals also include valuable tips on how to maximize fuel efficiency. There are several ways to improve gas mileage, it’s only a matter of knowing what works best for your car. Some even have a warning light to let you know when there is efficient gas usage.

Learn Useful Tips & Tricks

Owner’s manuals also feature different tips and tricks for your car, little details you would not know without reading it. Every car has its quirks and secrets, and the more you know the better convenient to know them all.

Know The Scope Of The Warranty

Owner’s manuals often explain exactly what the warranty covers. Knowing this is key, mainly because should any problems arise, it might be covered by the warranty issued by the car dealership and you don’t have to pay for anything.

What To Do If You Lose your Manual

If you lost the manual, don’t you worry. Manuals are available online for free. You can even download the manual before you purchase the car to learn more about it or start reading before getting your vehicle.

Owner’s manuals are a great way to get further acquainted with your car. If you are about to purchase your first car or aren’t particularly knowledgeable about cars and their proper maintenance, then this is an easy, comfortable and effortless way to learn more on the subject.