About Traffic School and Defensive Driving

traffic school
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In most states, in lieu of some fines, points or demerits, traffic school may be offered.

In some cases, depending on the offense, defensive driving and substance abuse education will be mandated. A traffic school must be state-approved to qualify for a reduction of points off driving records or discounts. Keep reading for more detailed information.

Defensive Driving Courses vs Traffic School

Defensive driving courses vs traffic school may be court-mandated. Reckless driving, excessive speeding and being charged with a vehicle accident could get you pointed to a defensive driving course to get your license back. Points still may be assessed in these cases. The judge may feel a defensive driving class may help you understand and not repeat the behavior in the future. Traffic school may have the same requirements to avoid points.

Drivers Education

Drivers education is essential for all teen drivers to complete as part of the requirements to get a first driver’s license or learner’s permit. Driver’s ed covers classroom and practical experience behind the wheel of a car. Rules of the road, signage, road and street striping and indicators, safe driving techniques and more will give the first-time driver a well-rounded education on their way to becoming a responsible motorist.

Traffic School Benefits

Traffic school may be an option offered to you after a traffic citation for speeding or other moving violations. Traffic school certification when provided to your insurance carrier for car insurance, may earn you monthly or yearly insurance discounts. Traffic school benefits, depending on your state of residence, usually include:

  • Points or demerits off your driver’s license
  • Reduces auto insurance rates
  • Avoid final points on your license from multiple infractions
  • Avoid driver’s license suspension from multiple infractions

The Benefits of a Defensive Driving Course

Taking the defensive driving course on your own, for certification may put you in a better standing to become a commercial driver for transport.

Being ordered to take a mandated defensive driving course from a judge may keep you from losing your driver’s license. Taking the course teaches and reviews the dangers of driving at high speeds, driving under the influence, exhausted driving, traffic laws and signs, prevention skills and overall vehicle safe driving skills with the intention of guiding you to be a safer driver. Other benefits include:

  • Eliminating a conviction being on your permanent record
  • Your auto insurance rates may not increase
  • Points and demerits not being assessed on your driving record

Where to Find Traffic School Options

Traffic school courses may be found in brick and mortar or online. Depending on your state and if you are choosing to take the course to remove points or enhance your driving skills, you have options. Online courses and in-person Traffic School Classes are available. They may be one-time classes or a series of classes with testing. Make sure you know what is required of you when trying to fulfill a required certified class request.

Taking a traffic school or defensive driving class or series of classes to lower your insurance rates or fulfill requirements to apply for a driver’s license or learner’s permit?  We have resources for you to save you from a lengthy search.

Common Questions and Answers:

Do I need a traffic school?

Traffic School or Driver’s Education classes are required to get a learner’s permit or driver’s license depending on your state.

Does my insurance company offer discounts for taking the class?

Many insurance companies lower your auto insurance premiums with proof of completion of either the traffic school, defensive driving or driver’s education classes.

Does my state offer a traffic school?

Traffic school courses are sometimes offered by your state or county. Most classes are contracted out to state-certified class providers in every county across the United States. Public schools usually have the classes in their school offerings during the school year and on the summer curriculum. Many technical schools will have expanded classes for commercial driving certifications.

Can anyone take a defensive driving course?

Yes, any licensed driver can take a defensive driving class or course. Those mandated by a judge in court must take the defensive driving course to avoid further penalties, points or a suspension. DMV traffic school students who want to enroll in a defensive driving course are free to do so to further their learning. Completion of this course may qualify you for reduced auto insurance premiums as well.