Learn How to Renew or Replace Your State ID Card

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Source: My-dmv.org

Renew your state ID card as your valuable form of identification when you do not have a license to drive, a passport, a permanent resident card or green card.

Current travel on planes, trains and any other types of transportation will soon require your state ID as legal identification. The state ID card will have your photo on the card unlike your birth certificate or social security card which have been used in past years. 

Other reasons your state ID card is necessary:

  • Identification for a job
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Cashing checks
  • Picking up certified mail
  • When asked to legally identify yourself

The Department of Homeland Security has regulated a new style of identification they refer to as the Real ID. Enforcement is ongoing for the evolution of all ID’s to be the Real ID type. The Real ID style will be mandatory as of October 1, 2020 for travel for those without a passport or driver’s license. Identification cards are usually valid up to 5 years. Your local DMV is the agency to visit to apply for your state ID card which will be your approved Real ID. Expiration and fees vary by state. You can expect the fee for a state ID card to be between $10 and $35.

There are no tests involved with getting or renewing your state ID card. When your state ID card renewal is coming up, you are notified by the DMV about the renewal with an estimated 60-day timeline to renew your state ID. A lost ID card should be reported right away to the police and to the DMV to replace the card. Lost ID’s may cause identity theft problems for you. Treat the loss or theft of your state ID with urgency. 

Find Out How to Renew Your State ID Card

Like driver’s licenses, your state ID card needs to be renewed every few years. How often is set by your state. Read down for more information.

Can I Renew ID Cards Online?

You may use the internet to process a state ID card renewal online in most states. Each state DMV will have their own set of renewal procedures available for you. There is a list of reasons why you may not be able to renew your state ID online:

  • Are younger than 18 years old
  • Lack of a way to pay fees online with a check, credit or debit card
  • Have an ID that expired over 1 year ago
  • The DMV has no record of your SS number
  • Have recently changed your name or marital status
  • Need a photo update for your ID card
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen

Note: Every state will have their own set of procedures to follow. Check your state for exact details on renewal of your state ID.

Discover How to Renew State ID Cards by Mail or in Person at the DMV

If you find yourself unable to renew your state ID online, you can utilize the US Postal Service and apply for renewal by mail or make an appointment with your local DMV. Both methods require you to fill out a state ID renewal application. If you want to complete the process by mail, you can download the application to fill it out and mail. IF you wish to update in person at the DMV here are other helpful details you may need to know:

  • Fill out the state ID renewal application ahead of time
  • Have necessary identification documents – Voter ID, electric bill, ss card
  • Apply in person if your photo needs updating
  • Lost ID cards can be issued in person at any DMV location regardless of your state of residence
  • Have a check, credit card or cash for applicable fees
  • You may also renew your state ID by mail if you are out of town

Learn How to Replace Your State ID Card if it Was Lost or Stolen

Your lost or stolen State ID should be reported to the police right away. Just after that, notify any of the 3 national credit services that your ID was stolen if you choose to freeze your credit reporting to avoid identity theft. Notify banks and credit card companies. The next thing is to take your police report and documents right to the local DMV to replace your state ID right away.

You will need to bring as many forms of identification you have with your same address as was on your ID. Last year’s taxes, Utility bills, bank statements, social security card, rental agreement or mortgage information all serve has identification. Check your local DMV if you are unsure of what to bring by selecting your state link above.

Understanding How to Replace your State ID Card Online or by Mail

If you choose to replace a damaged, lost or stolen state ID card by mail or online, most states will allow you to do so by following some simple instructions.

Go online or stop by your DMV for a state ID replacement application. Submit your completed application online at your state DMV online site by following the simple procedure as outlined on the DMV site. You will need to provide documentation of your address and other personal information including proof of your identity. Fees vary by state. An online check, debit or credit card usually serve as acceptable payment methods. Online sites are usually very secure and encrypt your data once you enter it.

By mail you will physically fill out the documents provide a check or money order for the fee with your state ID application and other documents requested and mail your information. Know that – when you choose mail, the transit time will slow the process down a little bit. Keep an eye on the mailbox to make sure you get that ID in your hands as soon as possible.

Unavoidable – State ID Card Replacement Fees

Fees are unavoidable for state ID replacement services. Luckily the state ID cards do not set you back by much for replacement fees. If your state ID card is damaged, lost or stolen you can expect to pay under $30 depending on your age. If you are 65 or older, some states will waive the replacement charges. Be sure to click on your home state to see what you can expect at your local DMV.