Learn How to Renew or Replace your Motorcycle License

Source: My-dmv.org

You can always renew your motorcycle license at your local DMV or replace your motorcycle license right online and even by mail.

About 45 days before your license expires, your DMV will send you a letter notifying you it is time to renew. It will be your only notification. If time passes and you forget to renew your license and your license becomes outdated, you may face extra fees to renew, a fine if stopped and eventual suspension of your license. Pay attention to those renewal notices.

Understanding How to Renew Your Motorcycle License

Renewing online requires you to login to your state DMV website, click online driver’s license renewals and then input your license number and other requested fields. Enter your payment information. Checks are accepted as well as credit cards online.

NOTE: Renewing online must be done at least 1 week before expiration in most states. There is a cut-off limit for processing and getting the license sent to you in the mail.

Choosing to renew in person at the DMV you must remember to bring your renewal slip or current license and the fee required. Payments are usually taken by check, cash or credit card.

Learn How to Replace Your Motorcycle License

Lost, stolen or damaged licenses must be applied for in person at the DMV with proof of identity. There will be forms to fill out and a replacement fee required.

Special note: Driver’s licenses expired for a year or more will need to pass a new written and vision exam. The renewal fee will be more than a standard renewal fee. Depending on the horsepower of your motorcycle, you may have to retake the driving test.

How long is the motorcycle license valid for?

Licenses are valid for a different amount of set years by state. Some states are yearly renewals while others are valid for 8 years. Your license will clearly give you an expiration date. Keep in mind, if you have moved since receiving your license, the DMV doesn’t allow the United States Post Office to forward official mail from them. It is your responsibility to have your address changed on your license.