How To Become An Uber Driver

uber driver
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Working on your own probably sounds engaging, but it requires certain qualities. You need to be organized, responsible and easy going.

When working for another person, most people do their job because they owe it to someone else; however, many appreciate a job where they are their own bosses and manage their time as needed. This is why working as an Uber driver is so appealing to many people.

Now, imagine having the freedom to decide your shift, your breaks and earn the salary you expect. If you are planning on becoming an Uber driver, it is important that you learn a little bit more about the requirements, benefits, estimated earnings, expenses and the different services this company offers.

1. Requirements To Become An Uber Driver

In order for Uber to accept you as a driver, you will need to sign an application; they will check it and decide whether you fulfill the requirements or not. The requirements to become an Uber driver are:

  • Being 21 years old
  • Three years of driving experience
  • Car insurance under your name in your state of residency
  • An in-state car registration
  • An updated in-state driver’s license and Social Security Number
  • A clean driving record
  • A clean criminal record

Providing your record is a mandatory requirement. This way, Uber will be able to check your background and decide whether or not you are qualify.

In addition, the car insurance coverage needed depends on your state. However, Uber offers a certain coverage that varies depending on if you are logged in waiting or driving a passenger. For more information about this subject, you can check on Uber’s website for the United States.

Finally, the type of car required can be either a 2000 model or newer, depending on the city. Apart from the age of the car, it is needed that it is a four-door sedan that allows four or more passengers. Furthermore, if you are willing to work for UberXL, UberBLACK or similar, you will find that they have additional requirements for the car, such as more seats or a certain age.

2. Benefits

The benefits of becoming an Uber driver are:

  • You are paid daily or weekly directly through your account.
  • You are independent, and you can manage your own schedule. However, Uber expects drivers to have at least one trip per week and 60 hours maximum.
  • For those people who enjoy driving, it is not a stressful job.
  • Extroverts will love it, since Uber drivers meet new people every day.
  • By using the passenger-star rating system you can avoid difficult passengers.
  • If you have to wait for a passenger for more than two minutes and they cancel, they will be charged.

3. Estimated Earnings

Average Uber drivers usually earn $10 to $20 per hour after deducting gas and car maintenance costs. In addition, when you apply to be a driver, Uber offers you cash rewards. However, being able to earn a substantial amount of money requires hard work. You need to be logged in at least for six hours a day and try new places.

Furthermore, offering a different service from other Uber drivers will give you a good reputation and will help you become successful.

Given that Uber drivers are autonomous workers, they are responsible for saving a percentage of their income for taxes. Once a year you will have to fill a 1099-form in order to pay for taxes. It is recommended to ask a certified public accountant (CPA) for further information.

4. Does Uber Cover Car Expenses?

Since Uber drivers are independent workers, they are responsible for car expenses such as gas, repairs and maintenance. Uber only covers cleaning costs when a passenger spills something or vomits in the car. That is why it is recommended to get a dashboard camera to keep a record in case you have any problems with customers.

5. Different Uber Services

There are seven different Uber services you can qualify for. However, whether or not you are able to qualify for a certain service depends on the car you have. Keep in mind that every service the company offers to its customer have different passengers expectations and you, as an Uber driver, need to fulfill the requirements.


This is the easiest category. In order to qualify for UberX, your vehicle needs to be less than ten years old and, of course, it needs to be in good condition.


This category is similar to UberX. The difference is that for this one, passengers need to be willing to share their ride with strangers.


In this case, Uber drivers are required to own a vehicle capable of transporting more than four passengers.


It is similar to UberXL, but differs in age requirement. In this case, a 2012 model is required and it has to be considered high-end or luxury.


For this category, only luxury sedans are acceptable. Also, the car must be a 2007 model or newer, and the seats must be either of leather or vinyl.


This category is the most restricted one. The car must be black both in the interior and exterior. The age requirement is 2013 or newer.


This is the highest category. The vehicle must be full-size, luxury, and a 2012 model or newer. It should also be considered as one of the finest cars on the market.