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We know the DMV can be complicated and confusing. So, here are the most asked questions about the Department of Motor Vehicles from our readers.

The DMV offers many services that we need in order to be compliant with state regulations. From renewing, replacing or reinstating your driver’s license to ensuring your car registration and car title are properly registered with the appropriate agency’s, there are many questions we can help you answer. See some of our most common questions and answers below.

Most Asked Questions about the DMV

  1. “How do I reinstate a suspended driver’s license?”
  2. “How do I get a new car registration?”
  3. “When faced with road rage, what do I do?”
  4. “I have so many questions who do I ask?”
  5. “How much time do I have to change my address on my license & registration after I move?”
  6. “What specialty license plates are available in my state?”
  7. “Does anyone have any tips to avoid the DMV line?”
  8. “After my suspension what type of car insurance am I required to have?”

The FAQ’s section provides DMV related answers you may not even think to ask so be sure to check out all the categories and refer your family and friends to these resources.