Learn About the Driver’s License Change of Address Process

Whether you have recently moved to a new state or moved within the same state, you need to change your address at your local DMV office.

However, keep in mind you have a specific time frame in which to do so. While some states request you make the change within 7 days, others states provide a 10 to 30-day window.

There are several ways to notify an address change to the DMV:

Change Your Driver’s License Address Online

Even if you forward your mail, DMV mail is not forwarded to a new address for reminders, ticket notifications and more. You could even have your license suspended if a notification doesn’t reach you at your address. On a positive note, most state DMV’s have this process online for you to accomplish quickly.  We can help take you step by step to make the change. Make the best of our research.

Mail In The Change

Preferring to avoid the trip to the DMV or applying online leaves you with your mail option. If your state DMV allows this method that is. The timing is slow on the process from transit to and from your mail drop and receiving points. You will still need to get the change of address forms and provide the required documentation for the address you moved to. Usually, that is a recent utility bill, such as electric or water bill. The DMV would have your photo on file to make the change IF they allow out of office address changes. If they don’t allow out of office change of address that leaves you with the DMV office visit ahead of you.

Visit The DMV Office In Person

Make the best of the visit to your DMV if you must go. Many states do require this visit to make the driver’s license change of address. Some state DMV’s allow you to make an appointment. Even with an appointment, you will have an appointment time slot with 10 other people who have an appointment at the same time. You will have a wait in most cases. How can you make the best of the DMV visit? Being prepared is will help you skip through the line. Have all your documentation needed to make the address change. There is nothing more annoying than reaching the front of the line and missing one form when you may have been waiting for 25-45 minutes. That is why we mention, make the best of the visit. Use our My-DMV.org pages to help you be prepared with the right documents required by the state.

Moving to a new state or within a state requires address changes. The new state move is more involved. In either case, a DMV address change form must be filled out. This applies to car registrations, driver’s licenses, vehicle insurance and ownership titles. Today we are here talking about driver’s licenses, but we are happy to remind you of the others to change. Here are important subjects that expand on the details for you.

  • Change of Address Documentation
  • Tips on Changing your Driver’s License Address
  • Tips on Fast Car Registration and Title Address Changes
  • Change of Address Fees

Change of Address Documentation

Find out and confirm what information you need in front of you or with you on your trip to the DMV. Every state has different requirements. Your previous license is not enough as your only proof. You will need proof of your new address in your hands. A new home title, utility bills, a lease will all usually be approved to make the change. Many states do accept online address changes however, they may require a photo of the documents showing the new address before issuing the new license. In all cases, a change of address form is necessary.

Tips on Changing Your Driver’s License Address

Your driver’s license or state ID is your main source of identification. Keeping it up to date is important for not only for driving but traveling. Your DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles has a process to complete an address change without too much fuss. Your old license and proof of where you moved to should be all you need in most states if a recent photo of you is on file at the DMV. If your state doesn’t have that or has changed to the new design of the ID required by Homeland Security, you may have to make the trip to the DMV. If so, check out our new DMV photo tips to look your best!

Tips on Fast Car Registration and Title Address Changes

As the address change on your license list of credentials, your car title and registration will need the same documents. Proof of the new address you moved to along with your current car registration and the title is necessary. You may be required to show your driver’s license or state ID in the process as well to identify yourself. The good thing about car and title changes is, they are accepted online more frequently because there is no photo ID involved.

Change of Address Fees

One last subject is the fees to make any of the address changes. Every state has its own fee schedule. Your DMV will have a fee schedule for each of the changes. Payments are usually accepted in cash, debit, check, or credit card for convenience.