Learn How to Replace Your Vehicle Registration Online

replacing registration
Source: Jivkom/Shutterstock

When it comes to car registration is essential to know the procedure and the available ways to complete it.

Your car registration is used to establish a connection between the owner and the vehicle itself. Vehicle Registrations are required to be registered with the appropriate government entity.

Read below to understand the fastest ways to replace your vehicle registration online, by mail or by visiting your local DMV.

1. Easy Vehicle Registration Replacement Online

In most states, you can replace your vehicle registration online. You will need to pull the necessary documents together to complete the task. If you have your old registration get that out. A check or credit card will be necessary for the payment of the fees. Your up-to-date vehicle insurance card is also a necessity to complete the vehicle registration replacement online. 

2. By Mail

Mail is always an option for vehicle registration replacement. Replacements will need paper applications to be filled out along with current copies of proof of insurance and other documents to be sent in the mail. If your state allows mail in applications, forms can be found on the state’s website by clicking your state and following the prompts.

3. Local DMV Office Visit

Some vehicle registration replacement transactions are regulated to be administrated in person at your local DMV office. Before visiting the DMV, verify the location. They often move locations due to changes of budgets or growth. Some DMV procedures have been outsourced to affiliate DMV offices where additional charges may apply. Be sure to click your state for the information you need on your local DMV and what services they provide. You will also need to be sure you bring the correct documents with you to the DMV. Be sure to check online by the state for those requirements.

4. Stolen or Lost Tag Specifics

If your vehicle license tag has been stolen, there are immediate steps you need to take before going to the DMV. A police report must be made so you won’t be facing charges or fines from another vehicle using your plate on tolls, stoplights or worse. The report must go with you to the DMV in person to get a replacement vehicle registration and tag for your vehicle. If you don’t have a police report for a stolen tag, additional fees may be incurred at the DMV.

A lost paper registration or one that has been mutilated can be replaced live, by mail or downloaded online. Take a photo of the tag and any sticker that may be on the tag to show or send to the DMV online, in person or by mail for replacement. There may fees required for this replacement service in person or by mail. Clicking on your state will lead you to that information.