Top 10 Essential Driving Apps Everyone Should Have

driving apps
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Constantly using your smartphone while driving is not wise; in fact, texting while driving kills more than 3,000 people every day.

Nonetheless, when used properly, they can actually be great allies to drivers. There are several driving apps that can be incredibly useful and save time, as well as improve your driving skills.

Therefore, as long as you exercise caution, your device can be the perfect tool to make your daily driving better and safer. There are thousands of driving apps on the market that were developed with the sole purpose of allowing you to use your phone in a more conscious way. This way, you would be able to change music stations, listen to podcasts, search for addresses or plan your journey with as few touches as possible on a driving app.

Consider the following ranking of the top 10 driving apps that aim to reduce the number of distractions while driving and, at the same time, make the driver’s life easier.

#1 Drivemode

Drivemode is an essential driving app that allows you to use your smartphone without having to look at it. It is based on voice control and simple touches on the screen, depending on the app you are using. For example, you can go from your music app to your GPS just by sliding upwards or downwards; you can do Google searches just by using voice commands; and even reply to text messages or WhatsApp just by talking to your phone, while the driving app writes.

This driving app will let you handle a wide range of apps, among which are:

  • music apps, such as Spotify or Pandora
  • messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and text messages
  • navigation apps like Waze, Oincs, Google Maps

Besides, it is extremely easy to link this service to almost any other you would like. The purpose behind apps of this sort is to reduce the risks of using your phone while driving by limiting interactions to some touching, swiping and voice commands.

#2 FindMyCar

A very simple but useful driving app is FindMyCar. As its name suggests, it makes it easier for you to remember where you have parked your car. For those who drive to work, go to the store, cinema, someone’s house, etc. every day, it is not easy to always remember where you left your vehicle —as it is sometimes impossible to get the same parking space every time you visit the place.

For that purpose, after you find a parking space, you need to get out of your car and open the driving app. It immediately activates the phone’s GPS and records the location you are at with your car. Therefore, when you need to make your way back to it, the application will use Google Navigation to indicate the best route and directions from where you are to where you left the vehicle.

#3 INTRIX Traffic

A free driving app that will maximize your driving experience: plan your trips and learn which routes are the fastest to get there, as well as the traffic conditions. For that purpose, the app is constantly refreshing to show you in real time the latest jams, accidents, control spots, traffic cameras, etc.

You can request a recommended time of departure to arrive on time to your destination and how much time will the trip take. Additionally, it now features the option to find the cheapest and closest gas stations in the whole country that are located in the road to the destination you have set, although this option is only available for Premium users of this driving app.

#4 GasBuddy

If you are a U.S. or Canada resident, the GasBuddy driving app will surely make your life easier. The app shows a map with a comprehensive list of all the possible gas stations in your area and their respective prices. Users are the ones who update the information and receive points and prizes for each contribution to the application.

Simply type in your city or state and the driving app will do the rest. Once you select your location, GasBuddy will cross-match prices and provide the closest and cheapest gas stations in your area. Given the constant and random fluctuations in gas prices, having a trustworthy source to compare prices has come very handy for drivers.

#5 RepairPal

Car owners struggle to keep track of their car’s repair history over the years. If you are struggling with this, simply download RepairPal. With this driving app you can register every maintenance the car gets so you do not have to worry about it. Additionally, you can synchronize information related to the maintenance, so that you can access it from any place.

Apart from uploading the information, you can also access an estimated cost of repairs as well as the best mechanical shops in the area. Furthermore, if your car were to stop in the middle of the road, you can log into the driving app and request a RepairPal’s specialized team to assist you.

#6 SafeDrive

Another favorite among driving apps is SafeDrive which, as its name suggests, has the sole purpose of making your driving experience safer. Answering incoming calls or getting distracted by a shower of WhatsApp or text messages, or even using your phone in general while driving is the number one rule for things you should not do behind the wheel. Based on that premise, the creators of this driving app give you points for not using your smartphone while your vehicle is in motion. SafeDrive keeps you on track by recording all the times you have picked up your phone while you should not have done it. The fun part is that you can make it a game or competition with your friends, in which the loser pays for dinner or ice cream, for example.

#7 RoadTrippers

RoadTrippers is a fun and useful driving app that functions as a recording tool for long drives or road trips. You can use the app to plan your next trip and then share it with your group of friends, who can suggest or make changes to the itinerary.

Unlike other driving apps mentioned before, it features a map that will show you the best route, but also any attractions that can be found on the way to your destination —scenic points, restaurants, national parks, hostels or hotels, etc.

#8 Castbox

One of the most trending apps, which can also qualify as a driving app for making the activity more fun, is called Castbox. It is a podcast library with over 53 million pieces, available in over 70 languages, that you would not find when tuning in to traditional radios. Themes cover a wide range of topics, from sports to interviews and comedy.

It is similar to Spotify in that it has a user-friendly interface. Once you subscribe, you can save the podcasts you like and want to regularly listen to, in your own lists. This will allow you to play them whenever you like and make your commute more entertaining —therefore, making it an essential driving app.

#9 Parkify

The following driving app intends to solve one of the most frequent problems drivers face every day: where do I park? Sometimes, finding a parking space can become quite tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, Parkify is one of the best driving apps you can download.

The app shows a map with your current location and signals all the occupied spaces as well as those available for you to park your car at. Simply download the driving app and connect it to your car via Bluetooth. That way, it can download all the information it needs regarding the place where your car is.

#10 LifeSaver

LifeSaver is one of those driving apps everyone should have installed on their phones. Some people struggle to stay away from their phones while they are behind the wheel. Other people are easily tempted into reading or looking at any notification in the screen.

LifeSaver is a very simple app that installs a blocking feature into the device so that you cannot take incoming calls or reply messages while you are driving. You can also apply it to a family member’s phone to make sure they are being responsible and get to their destination safely.