Learn About the Requirements To Become A Chauffeur

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The chauffeur is a professional driver who is hired to transport people.

There is a series of requirements that you must comply with in order to become a chauffeur.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about this job, what to do and which are the skills needed for this profession.

Basic Requirements To Work As A Chauffeur

To start with, it is important to mention that requirements vary from state to state, for instance, you can be asked for a clean driving record and a minimum age to start working. However, most states don’t ask for a college education.

Nevertheless, some states may ask for a chauffeur course and, obviously, driver´s license. Some may even ask for a commercial license. Of course, taking defensive driving courses are especially valued and can make you a better professional.

Here there is a list of the basic requirements:

  • Meet the state’s minimum driving age
  • Accept to have your background checked
  • Have a clean driving record

What To Do

When becoming a chauffeur, you can specialize in working exclusively for one individual, family or a company. Others prefer to do short-term driving assignments so that options are varied and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Picking up passengers and assisting them while entering and exiting the car are basics of this duty.

Helping them to carry the luggage is also part of this job, as well as equipping the vehicle with the necessary amenities. You also have to keep records of car expenses and choose safe, quick routes.

Always be gentle and listen to your passengers. It is studied that people always remember how they were treated, more than the service itself.

Vehicle Knowledge

As a chauffeur, you need to know well your vehicle and learn about its maintenance. Don’t forget that reporting worries about the vehicle to the company you work for is an essential part of the daily tasks. Moreover, keeping the car clean and shiny is another responsibility included in the duties.

One great aspect of this job is that the company can ask you to drive limousines and other luxury cars. However, most of the time you will use vans and common cars.

Other Needed Skills

There are two ways for doing this job: you can either be a simple chauffeur or you can be a good one. To be considered among the bests, you have to meet certain criteria. Among them, you will find a tidy appearance and a being polite and courteous with all the clients.

Remember that sometimes people get angry or anxious because of traffic problems, but you must always keep calm.

Apart from appearance, driving at night and even being called when your shift is over or when it is your day off is common in this job, so you be flexible.

What’s more, you have to know the best routes during rush hours and have excellent defensive driving skills.

Knowledge of the area is essential to be a good chauffeur; in fact, people might ask you for information about local restaurants and shopping areas. Discretion is also essential for this activity as clients usually want to keep conversations and actions confidential.

As a chauffeur, it is advisable that you limit the interaction with the passenger. Avoid using your mobile phone and smoking during journeys. Being patient and always willing to help is fundamental.

What Are The Perks?

Being a chauffeur is a great way to meet new people and get to know different places.

And, as you can imagine, opportunities that require chauffeurs can be found in a plethora of places, like working for (1) a single client—this can include working for a famous celebrity, such as actors or comedians—, (2) transportation companies and (3) hotels and airports.

What About The Salary?

Most chauffeurs earn per hour, so the salary you will receive reflects the number of hours worked; this is an average of 15 dollars per hour. Annually it is estimated a total of 32.000 dollars, approximately.

Additionally, tips are well known to be part of a chauffeur’s salary income. Sometimes, this is controlled by the employers. Regarding gas, from time to time it is paid by the driver and in other cases, the employer covers the expense.

Concerning percentage per area, taxis and limousines service covers 21% of the industry, healthcare and social assistance 15% and other transit and ground passenger transportation 10%. This is another advantage of being a chauffeur, as you can choose the area you want to work for.

Limo drivers earn more, as the service requires more professionalism. Usually used for events or business reasons, the client who hires a limousine expects punctuality, etiquette and delicate manners during the service.