Paying Traffic Tickets

pay traffic ticket
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Traffic tickets need to be taken care of promptly to keep your drivers license in good standing.

Not addressing a traffic ticket will have lasting consequences on your record. Points, demerits, insurance increases or cancellation, reinstatement fees, suspended license the need to retake the driver’s exam are all repercussions that one may incur by ignoring a traffic citation. Read on for more detailed information on paying your traffic ticket fine, choosing an attorney, choosing to plead not guilty or if you lost your traffic citation or ticket.

Paying Your Traffic Ticket Fine

To pay your traffic or citation fines, you probably have a few options depending on your state. Most traffic tickets have the amount of the fine on the document along with payment instructions on how to pay and by what deadline date. Keep in mind it may take a few days for the mail to arrive and get to the court on time.

Most states now allow online payments for fines. Of course, you may always visit your traffic courthouse to make your payment which also is shown on the traffic ticket for in-person payments. Payment for the ticket or citation is an admission of guilt. Points or demerits will be assessed against your driver’s license and you may expect your insurance to go up if you own a vehicle. If you choose to contest the violation, contact the court as noted on the ticket before the deadline.

Choosing an Attorney

Most traffic tickets can be contested. You do not have to do that with an attorney, but it is recommended. DUI, DWI, accidents, speeding, red-light infractions, stop sign citations and more can all be contested. You always have the option to choose an attorney to help navigate the process as they specialize in doing so with some success.

A traffic ticket attorney will also be able to decipher the severity of the infraction and make suggestions on how to proceed.

Choosing to Plead Not Guilty

As mentioned above, paying your traffic ticket may be an admission of guilt that is irreversible. If you feel you are not guilty and want to make that plea, be sure to do so as directed on your traffic citation within the due date. Following that plea, you will be contacted with a court date if one isn’t already shown on the ticket. Failing to appear at the appointed date will be an admission of guilt with additional fines for not showing up at the hearing. If you want to find experienced traffic or DUI lawyer that specializes in the subject of your ticket, you can be matched easily online.

Admitting or being found guilty of the violation gives you options if you are not a habitual offender. Traffic school is an option in most states for early offenders instead of a large fine and points added to the history of your driver’s license. Multiple violations may not offer that option and could end up in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Charges may be Dismissed

Dismissal of charges and fines for your traffic ticket is possible when insufficient evidence is presented in court at your trial. The office who wrote the ticket usually is required to show up in court for the hearing. If the officer doesn’t present compelling evidence to make the state’s case, the hearing may result in a not guilty verdict with no fines due from you. If the officer doesn’t show up, you are usually found not guilty and charges are dismissed and no fines. Incorrect information on the citation such as time of day, place of the infraction, type of vehicle all factor into a not guilty verdict or to for the information presented at trial dismissal to be considered insufficient.

Lost Your Tickets or Citation?

Losing your traffic ticket will not go well for you if ignored. Penalties will add up. Failing to contest the traffic citation or pay it in due time will result in points or demerits, suspension and even a warrant for your arrest eventually. If you do lose a ticket or citation, contact your local DMV or the local city or county courthouse online, by phone or in person right away to be sure proper details are taken care of.