How To Save Money On Your Next Car Service

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Being a car owner carries the responsibility of managing the car service and, of course, having your car serviced once in a while.

You need to keep in mind that the frequency of your service depends on your car. Although this might sound expensive, if you do it on a regular basis, you will save hundreds of dollars. There are several ways to save money when it comes to servicing your car.

Getting Started With You Car Service

Experts in the subject recommend doing car service every year. However, it depends on how old your car is and its mileage. If you doubt about how often your car should be serviced, review the owner’s manual; it should give you accurate information.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the normal prices for car repairs in your area. Taking this recommendation into account will help you choose the best option when hiring a mechanic for your car. Apart from being updated on the normal costs for car service, find a professional you can trust. Not only is this important for your economy but also for your car to be repaired properly.

Finally, doing small repairs can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long term. If you repair your car every time a small part breaks, it will be cheaper than if you postpone it until it gets serious.

Besides, if you pay attention to details, car service may not be necessary at all, and you will make your car safer. Sometimes the problem is easy to solve and you can do it yourself.

The following list will help you save money on your car service.

1. Check The Lights Regularly

Make sure the lights are working properly. Once in a while, ask someone to walk around your car while you operate all of the lights (brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights and headlights). If you do not have someone to help you, you can do it in front of a reflective building.

Doing this will help you know when it is necessary to repair or replace any of them, and it will be cheaper than waiting until you have to repair a lot more than that.

2. Fix Chips And Cracks In Your Windshield

In order to avoid having to replace the entire windshield, have any chip or crack fixed immediately. A small chip can turn into a big crack if you do not fix it fast.

A cracked windscreen is an issue not only because it does not look good but also because it can cause water leaks that can damage your dashboard and the airbag system. This is definitely a hazardous situation.

If you find a chip in your windshield, you can use chip stickers to cover it until you have it fixed permanently in your next car service.

3. Replace Old Wiper Blades

Old wiper blades are also a problem for your windshield. To prevent your windshield from scratches, you need to replace wiper blades when necessary.

Getting a car service when it comes to replacing your wiper blades is not necessary, as you can repair them yourself. However, if you prefer someone else to do it, car accessory stores sometimes replace them for a small fee.

4. Replace Damaged Tires

Do a regular inspection of the tires. This will surely help you save some money on your car service. Make sure that tires have at least a continuous 1.5 mm depth of tread, and be free of defects.

Pay attention to tell if, whether or not, the tread is damaged. First, you need to make sure the tread pattern is not level with the bars. If this is the case, it is time to replace the tire.

Second, if the tires look uneven, it can either mean that they need to be inflated, aligned or balanced. Even though according to experts in the field, alignment is recommended every 10,000 kilometers, if the steering wheel vibrates, most of the time, it means your tires require balance.

Third, check your tire pressure, which varies depending on types of tires, vehicles, and weather conditions.

5. Pay Attention To Fluid Leaks

Pay attention to fluids leaking from your car; however, this does not always mean you have a problem. You need to check the color of the fluid leaking from your vehicle. For instance, if it is clear water, it can be just the air conditioning system.

Nevertheless, if you notice it is a different color, then it can be engine oil or another important fluid. When this is the case, it is necessary that you take your vehicle to a mechanic for a car service immediately.

Motor oil and other fluids dripping from your car can end in major issues, such as overheating your engine, which can seriously damage it.

6. Find The Cause For Your Engine’s Loss Of Power

When you notice that your engine shakes while idling or it hesitates when accelerating or climbing hills, it may be losing power. According to vehicle specialist, there are several reasons for this problem; some of them can be incorrect timing, airflow obstruction, faulty ignition source, among others.

If any of the aforementioned situations happen, you need to have your car serviced as soon as possible. Never ignore any potential problems with your engine because a small issue can turn into a major one as time passes.

In addition, bigger repairs are more expensive and mean more time-consuming car services.

7. Be Aware Of The Engine’s Difficulties To Start

Sometimes it happens that it is difficult to start the engine. There are several causes for this, such as the starter engine, the ignition, air or fuel issues, or the battery.

First, when the starter is not working properly, you may find it hard to start the car. If you experience a single click or no sound nor crank, your car needs to be checked by an auto electrician in your next car service.

Second, other problems related to your car not being able to start can be air or fuel issues and the ignition system. If this is the case, a mechanic will be able to identify the problem. Third, the engine difficulties to start can be also related to battery issues. It happens when your battery has a bad connection or it needs to be replaced.

As you can see, there are several ways to save money in terms of car service. Just be aware of the signs, and fix minor issues before they turn into more serious ones. Do not forget to consult with your mechanic if you are not sure.