How To Overcome The Fear of Driving

fear of driving
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Getting a driver’s license can be pretty horrifying for some people who suffer from the fear of driving.

Those who have experienced some kind of accidents or bad driving moments can find getting behind the wheel quite scary. Some people experience heart palpitations, anxiety and even panic attacks.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to start dealing with it and, eventually, get over the fear of driving. You can end up enjoying getting out on the road, but, first, you need to overcome your fears. The initial step is identifying your problem and set your work.

Which Are The Different Kinds Of Fears?

1. Fear Of Car Accidents

Anxiety can make drivers constantly think they are going to experience a car accident. They doubt about their own abilities and feel threatened while on the road, making them imagine the worst all the time. This could be because of a previous bad experience. When you replay a traumatic experience in your mind repeatedly, it is difficult to feel at ease when driving.

2. Driving Outside The Comfort Zone

After some time of practice, some drivers feel comfortable driving around their comfort zone. But when they need to go to a new location they have never been before, they become a bundle of nerves. Not knowing the road is a problem for amateur drivers; they end up not driving in certain places, being afraid of new roads.

3. Driving Alone

People, especially new drivers who are used to being accompanied by someone who knows how to drive, can suffer the moment when they are alone on the road. These people tend to think the worse can happen when they are on their own. As the ones who fear car accidents, they doubt about their abilities. The fear of driving alone makes them feel a constant threat on the road.

4. Fear Of Going Too Fast

High speeds can be a problem for lots of people. Although some might love the adrenaline generated by fast speeds, others cannot bear it. While driving on the highway, these people feel the anger of the other drivers for going too slow and tend to make an effort to accelerate, but cannot do it. They feel their hearts racing and hands shaking; they cannot feel relaxed.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Driving

Once you have recognised your specific fear or problem, the next step is to start dealing with it, so that you end up overcoming the fear of driving and boost your confidence level. It is really important to believe in yourself to win over and start enjoying the street.

There are different solutions to deal with the fear of driving. Consider the following tips to solve your problem.

Have Someone With You

If you are a new driver, a good thing to do is to have someone with you. It is important to have by your side a person who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, not someone who is constantly judging your moves on the road.

Once your confidence increases, you can start taking short trips by yourself and getting used to driving on your own. Once you are comfortable enough, you can try longer trips till you get totally used to driving by yourself.

Get a Driving Lesson

Many people feel unsure of their driving skills, making them afraid of going out on the road. Getting a driving lesson will prepare you for every situation you might experience. This will give you the skills to know what to do in extreme situations and how to react.

What is more, having a driving instructor sitting by your side will give you all the tactics to get over fear and drive confidently. You will end up being an expert and enjoying the road. Consider working with a driver who has a lot of experience, or with a school driver instructor. A good instructor will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the driver’s seat.


In order to get over your fears, you need to practice as much as you can. It is always better to drive at daytime. Your vision improves and animals, people and other vehicles are easier to spot during daylight. Try to avoid bad weather conditions like storms or cloudy days.

Start by doing short trips everyday till your confidence increases as to let you drive at any time of the day and under any weather conditions. For some people, the solution is only a matter of practice so that they get more experience on the road, in every situation. So practice, practice and practice!

Listen To Music

Although loud music can be a distraction, there are other types of music that can help you deal with the fear of driving. Listening to relaxing music, at a low volume, can make you concentrate as well as feel calm and serene.

As you have seen, there are different kinds of driving fears, but it is possible to get over them. Once you have recognised yours, start dealing with it. Find which solution fits you the best and practice as hard as you can. You will end up enjoying getting behind the wheel.

It is really important to always stay in practice after getting your license. You never know when you are going to need to drive someone to the ER. The fear of driving affects your life in many aspects.

Overcoming this fear will take time and hard work, but, in the end, when you find yourself driving happily, you will be really gratified!