Learn How to Make Your Car Last Longer

car last longer
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Regular car maintenance is crucial to keep it running, but do they know how to increase its lifespan?

Replacing old tires or having your car inspected by a mechanic on a regular basis are some of the habits you can adopt to make your car last longer.

Even though some of these habits inevitably lead to investing more money in your car, in the long term it can actually help you save money.

Changing your car every few years is significantly more expensive than keeping the same car in good condition. Consider the following recommendations and help make your car last longer.

Make Your Car Last Longer With These Tips

1. Conduct Regular Car Checks

Regular car maintenance is essential to keep your car in good condition. Consider the following maintenance tips to car in pristine condition:

  • Change oil and car filters at least every 5,000 kilometers. Overused oil dissipates mineral purity as time passes, so by changing your car oil you can help your engine continue to perform efficiently. In addition, changing other car fluids such as coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid or windshield wiper fluid, is crucial to improve its performance.
  • Clean the air filter on a regular basis. Air filters protect car engines from dust. By conducting regular checks you can also know when it is necessary to replace it.
  • Check your tires. Tires need to support the weight of the car and are likely to be damaged by rocks and debris on the road. Moreover, by making sure tires have the right pressure you can help your drivetrain maintain balance and acceleration.

2. Have Your Car Serviced

Find a mechanic you can trust and have your car serviced regularly. Make sure your mechanic checks the following car parts:

  • Spark plugs: old spark plugs need to be replaced, as having them in good condition is crucial to your ignition system in the long term.
  • Exhaust system: regularly checking this system can help keep an eye on the rust in the area as well as make sure that every component is correctly connected.
  • Suspension system: keeping the suspension system in balance is key to keep the driver in control and provides steering stability. To keep this system in balance, make sure you have your wheels aligned and check the system regularly.
  • Brakes: this is an essential part of your car and one that definitely impacts your safety. Brakes tend to gather dust that can lead to squeaking noises, and can eventually malfunction. Before opting to purchase new brakes ask your mechanic to wash them with brake cleaner to make them last a little longer.

3. Wash Your Car Regularly

No matter the season, a car’s exterior can be seriously damaged over time. Therefore, washing and waxing your car will help keep its brightness and avoid corrosion. By following this simple yet significant piece of advice you can avoid having to paint it every few years. Cleaning the inside of your car is equally important. Vacuum the carpet, wax the leather seats and throw away any trash you might keep inside such as plastic bags, bottles and any other packaging.

4. Keep Your Car Light

The owner’s manual clearly states the car carrying capacity, so try to respect it. Overloading your car will damage it in the long term. In fact, the heavier the car, the harder its different parts have to work. Therefore, to make your car last longer, remove any additional weight and only hold on to the essentials.

5. Replace Old Car Parts

There are a few parts that are fundamental to keep your car running:

  • Car battery: You will probably need to change the battery over time. Car batteries are considered the cheapest part to replace, and it can have a significant impact on the vehicle’s performance. Replacing an old battery will help restore proper voltage.
  • Windshield wipers: Over time, the rubber of the wipers starts to break, damaging the glass. Replacing them is definitely cheaper than having to change the windshield, so if necessary, purchase new wipers.
  • Light bulbs. Make sure to always change burned light bulbs as well as check for any possible corrosion inside.

6. Additional Car Maintenance

Consider the following two additional ways to make your car last longer:

  • Keep the hood in good condition by adding a stone and bug deflectors.
  • Rust proof your car by applying oil spray in the surface.

7. Protect Your Car From Damage

If you store your car for extensive periods of time, it is always best to keep the car under a cover to protect it from any possible damages such as corrosion, birds excrement, and so on. In addition, any time you park your car outside, keep your dashboard away from the sun and prevent damages to the material. Sun shades are extremely malleable and will keep your dash cool.

Keeping your car in proper condition is vital to increase its lifespan. By following these simple but effective recommendations you can improve your car’s performance and make it last longer.