Learn How To Become A Lyft Driver

If you’re looking for flexibility and freedom, becoming a Lyft driver may be the best way to achieve those goals. App driving services are on the rise, and if you comply with the requirements, you could be a part of it.

In fact, according to the company, Lyft is completing more than 10 million rides per week, growing 168 percent in revenue in the final quarter of 2017 (Uber’s revenue achieved 61% growth during the same period).

Before logging into the app, take a few minutes to learn all there is to know about becoming a Lyft driver.

Why Becoming A Lyft Driver?

Some may think that becoming a cab driver could be better, given that it’s a long-standing job, but Lyft provides something that cabs don’t: efficiency.

While Cab drivers are frequently driving around town trying to find passengers and using up gas, a Lyft driver can go from one drop-off to the next pickup location without any time and gas losses, just by using the app.

Lyft is also eco-friendly because it offers passengers the option to carpool with other passengers, consequently reducing the carbon emissions of all separate cars.

Do you need more reasons? Lyft app is on the rise, with a growing number of downloads for its Android version and, to top it off, General Motors has invested $500 million in this company.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Lyft Driver?

There are quite a few steps a candidate must follow to become a Lyft driver, but they don’t implicate long, nerve-wracking exams.


  • Being at least 21 years old
  • Having a valid in-state driver’s license with a minimum of 1 year since the issue date
  • Having auto insurance
  • Having a smartphone

Do you comply with the pre-requisites? Then the next step to follow is logging in on the Lyft app and taking the instructed steps. The first one requires candidates to take a background check. Lyft will check your driving record for any actions that may disqualify you, such as major offenses and DUIs.

Furthermore, the criminal record will also be under scrutiny and convictions like violent crimes or theft automatically disqualify a candidate.

After the background check is approved, it’s time to have your vehicle inspected. But before you take it to the Lyft inspection, it’s best to have it inspected by a licensed mechanic to see if there are any breakdowns.

Some of the things to look out for are the headlights, foot brakes and seatbelts.

Keep in mind: The inspection isn’t free of charge. It generally costs around $20.

Once everything is done, patience will be your best friend. Some applications are approved within a couple of days, but it may take a few weeks. Once you receive your clear, you can begin to work as a Lyft driver!

Should I Do It?

The most common doubt candidates have is whether it will be profitable or not. This varies according to the area you live in and the hours you prefer to work.

Seeing that the income will likely depend on the area, you can find out if the area you will drive around is popular to see if your income expectations will be met.

If that’s not the case but you still want to pursue this line of work, try driving in another popular area.

How Much Can I Earn?

According to Taxi Fare Finder, drivers earn $20 per 5.5 miles driven, which is $5 more than what Uber offers its employees.

Lyft, for its part, states that employees earn an average of $29.47 an hour (taking into consideration the drive to pick up clients and the drive to destination). Plus, passengers have the option of including a tip for good service.

Keep in mind: A driver’s expenses, such as insurance and gas, aren’t factored in. Drivers generally have to cover these expenses by themselves.

How Will They Pay Me?

Lyft currently deposits money automatically after $50 have been earned. The money appears instantly most of the time, though it’s important to bear in mind that some delays may arise depending on your bank and location. The payment is done via Express Pay.

What Are The Perks?

One of the biggest benefits of being a Lyft driver is that you can receive bonuses for your good reviews and for working during busy hours. Additionally, you may receive an auto insurance discount, given that most insurers encourage carpooling companies.

Most Lyft drivers start out with the aim of having flexible working hours or complementing their full-time or part-time job. After all, you can log in and out whenever you want; you’re your own boss and this is the main perk of the job.

Last but not least, Lyft drivers can feel safe at work because they are less likely to be robbery victims since no money is exchanged and everything is done electronically with credit cards. Not only is payment done seamlessly at the background but also passengers are never anonymous, which is definitely reassuring.

Starting a new job as a Lyft driver could give you the flexibility and extra income that you were looking for. Remember to be polite to clients to receive positive reviews and you will reap the rewards.