7 Effective Ways To Save On Gas

Crude oil prices have increased in the last few years in the U.S., according to CNBC. Last year a gallon cost $0.42 less than this year, which is $2.81 per gallon.

Moreover, there are even some gas stations that charge “$3 per gallon or more,” CNBC said.

Even though this increase in prices isn’t hindering economic growth, it is becoming a serious problem for low-income families that, instead of lessening their economic burden and save on gas, have to allocate even more money to transportation.

There are several reasons for an increase in oil prices, mainly the fact that “a wave of global economic growth has driven up demand for oil”, and such increase has an instant impact in the cost. To help lessen the impact of higher prices, consider the following effective ways to save on gas.

1. Drive Slowly

Several studies have shown that driving fast makes your car spend more gas than driving slowly. Most people are used to driving above the speed limit, but, while this may help them be a few minutes earlier, it can also contribute to wasting more fuel. Hence, in order to save on gas try to slow down. By leaving your house earlier you can not only save on gas but also arrive early to work.

Furthermore, if you accelerate quickly, increase cruising speed and brake suddenly increase gas usage. It is better to accelerate slowly from a green light and stop gradually on a red light in order to diminish gas use.

In addition, studies have demonstrated that drivers who keep cruise control have gotten better gas mileage than those cruising between speeds.

2. Take Advantage Of Technological Advances

Nowadays, there are hundreds of apps and websites to help you find the cheapest gas stations in your area, such as Gasbuddy. Another strategy to save on gas is to plan your routes.

Before leaving your house, research optimum routes, that way you can drive less and arrive faster. Check traffic to avoid jams and use map apps or mapping websites. In fact, by reducing a few miles each week you can cut up to 500 miles per year.

3. Keep Your Car Clean

Although it might not seem a great way to save on gas, according to some experts, heavier cars spend more gas. In order to save money, simply avoid stuffing your car with unnecessary things that only add weight.

4. Reduce Engine Idle Time

Leaving the engine idle for more than a minute wastes more gas than starting it again. Additionally, when warming up your car, it is better to drive at a moderate speed rather than letting it idle. Only during cold winter mornings should you let the car idle a few minutes before leaving.

5. Do Regular Car Maintenance

In order to save on gas, there are four essential maintenance tasks you need to complete. First, you should keep enough air in the tires. This helps reduce rolling resistance, which contributes to lowering gas consumption.

Second, replace the air filter. This will improve engine performance and gas mileage. Third, check the gas cap: a damaged gas cap allows gas to evaporate and amount to three more gallons of gas per month. Evaporated gas not only costs money but it also pollutes the air. Simply by following this recommendation you are saving money and taking care of the environment, too!

Fourth, have the oil changed on a regular basis. This simple task also contributes helps save on gas. Furthermore, doing regular car maintenance not only will help you save money on gas but also it will contribute to extending the life of your car.

6. Drive Less

According to experts in the subject, during the warm-up period cars waste more fuel and pollute more. When driving short distances, cars don’t warm up to its ideal operating temperature. Additionally, be smart about using the car. If you are going to the market to pick up two or three items, why not wait for the list to get longer and drive only once? If the place is close by, perhaps simply walk. Not only will you save on gas, but also protect the environment.

Also, to save on gas, money and reduce your carbon footprint, share rides. Carpool to work, share rides with others through apps such as Uber or Lyft.

7. Change Your Payment Method

If you drive on a regular basis, gas rewards cards might just be the perfect fit for you. However, before selecting one, check interest rates. Additionally, make sure gas stations charge the same amount of money when using a credit or debit card than they do when paying in cash, otherwise you’ll only increase costs instead of lowering them.

Furthermore, websites such as Plastic Jungle and Gift Card Granny sell discounted gift cards, and by using them you can save at least 5% on gas. Regardless which method you select, find the payment method that best caters to your needs.

By following these simple yet effective recommendations you can save on gas, put away a few extra dollars, protect the environment and stay healthy. You don’t need to apply all the strategies at once, but following at least three of them would be a great way to start saving!