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Now that you have rewarded yourself with that new or new-to-you vehicle purchase, auto insurance is necessary before registration of the vehicle with your local DMV.

You will have many options from national and local auto insurance companies offering a variety of policies. researchers have done the work for you on the following subjects to help you make your best-informed decision regarding the best auto insurance coverage.

Required Coverage for Auto Insurance

See the sections below for how we may help you with:

  • Required Coverage for Auto Insurance
  • Getting the Best Quote on Car Insurance
  • Varieties of Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Discounted Vehicle Insurance
  • Expected Auto Insurance Costs

You now need to find out what type of car insurance is required by your state. States all have their own individual laws set for vehicle insurance minimums and types of coverage required. prides itself on keeping up-to-date on the state laws for you as your reliable source for information.

Getting the Best Quote on Car Insurance

Is making your choice for the best auto insurance company that fits your requirements on your mind now? There are so many advertisements in the media constantly in your face promising savings of hundreds of dollars. It makes you wonder what auto insurance company would be the best for you? Our answer is to do your research getting many quotes after you figure out what coverage you are going with.

Your family and close friends may have a company they do business with that have served them well. Did their auto insurance make a promise for one rate and the next 6 months go up in price? Be sure to ask around to see how they were treated by an insurance provider after an accident that wasn’t their fault happened. Did they get canceled? Did the rates go up?

Do you need to pay monthly or quarterly on your budget or can you afford to pay the policy all at once for an additional discount?

Your driving record will be considered for an auto insurance quote. Safe driving records are rewarded by some vehicle insurance companies. Be sure to mention that when requesting a quote. The reputation of the auto insurance company is something to research the history of as well.

Varieties of Auto Insurance Coverage

As you research auto insurance coverage, you will be seeing a lot of options to check off. As mentioned earlier, every state has minimum requirements to meet for car insurance coverage. Your car loan provider or leasing company may have requirements to meet as well. Obviously, if you fully own your car, you only must meet the state requirements by law.

Pay close attention to the details of the choices. PIP is personal injury protection only. There is uninsured motorist coverage, comprehensive, collision, limits and deductibles to consider in your auto insurance policy. It is best to know your list when looking for a policy quote.

Discounted Vehicle Insurance

Since insurance can be very costly, anytime a discount is offered, it is a bonus. There are many avenues to investigate for those discounts you may qualify for that you are unaware of. Affiliations with organizations, special driver courses and many other details will factor into all types of discounts. Here is a list to get you started with your research:

  • Beginning drivers completing Driver’s Education courses
  • Memberships to AAA, AARP and some Price Clubs
  • Completion of Classes for Defensive Driving
  • Students maintaining a specified grade point level
  • Continued good driving record
  • Combining all policies into a multi-vehicle policy
  • Utilizing one insurance carrier for home and vehicle insurance

The safety features in your car will also factor in discounts that may be offered to you. Anti-lock brakes, types of seat belts, daytime running lights, airbags, anti-theft tools and devices, collision monitoring, blind spot alerts and cameras all factor into the discounting evaluation process. Be sure to mention any of those items when getting your best price on car insurance.

Assumed Auto Insurance Costs

Assuming refers to expected costs. We are referring to the specific minimums each state has for coverage guidelines. Each state sets policyholder minimum requirements to meet laws passed to keep its citizens safe. For instance, PIP coverage is personal injury protection covering injury only topping out on specified amounts. PIP does not cover any collision repair costs to the vehicle. If you have a car loan on your vehicle, your loan company will probably require you to show you have collusion and PIP insurance on the vehicle.