7 Effective DMV Hacks

reinstate suspended license
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Going to the DMV is important to complete services such as getting a new driving license or a vehicle registration.

Regardless of the long DMV wait times that most of its visitor’s experience, you should make sure to complete any errands you need to avoid legal repercussions, such as fines or sanctions. Discover how you can save time during your next visit to a DMV office with this simple guide with some the best hacks.

1. Complete Services with DMV Online

You may also need to go to the DMV for other important errands that may take time to complete. With enough preparation, and prior research before your next visit you will be able to safe time.

Furthermore, there are simple DMV hacks that you can follow to ensure that you complete your errands fast and efficiently. Some of them are as simple as filling DMV forms from homes, while others require that you prepare more before your next visit to the DMV.

One of the simplest DMV hacks you can learn is to inquire about the services that you may be able to complete online. Most states offer DMV online services that allow you to obtain new credentials or a replacement from the commodity of your house. Make sure that you go into your state’s DMV website to find out what types of services you are able to complete online.

DMV online services are not only quick but will prevent you from losing time by going to the DMV. Often time, you might find yourself in a long DMV line waiting to complete a service that you could easily complete from a computer. However, many of the online services require that you know basic information like your license or title number.

Some other online services may only be available for drivers with a valid Social Security Number. If you do not have the documents that the DMV online portal requires, you are likely to have to process any request in person. Luckily, there are many DMV hacks for those who have to complete services in person.

2. Time is of the Essence

An effective way to avoid long DMV wait times is to visit when no one else is in. Not only should you think about the time of the day, but the time of the week and even the month that you decide to visit one of the DMV offices will have an impact on the wait times. Consider the following times to save some time during your next visit:

  • Time of the Day: To avoid long DMV wait times consider visiting during the morning or the evening. These times are usually low in visitor traffic so you will avoid the long lines. Avoid visiting the DMV office during your lunch hours because it tends to be the busiest time.
  • Day of the Week: Most people take care of business right after waiting over the weekend or Friday before the week ends. You should visit the DMV a day in the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are your best bet.
  • Week of the Month: A high number of driver licenses are set to expire during the first or last week of the month. During these periods, the DMV experiences a high volume of visitors that must renew their credentials. You should visit the DMV between in the middle of the month to avoid long wait times.

3. Avoid Procrastination

  • As state above, you will experience longer DMV wait times if you visit the DMV during the first or last week of the month. Check the DMV hours and head to the nearest office as soon as you notice that you need to renew your credentials. If you wait until the end of the month, when your license is most likely set to expire, you are like to have to wait a long time in line.

4. Check Wait Times Before Hand

As part of DMV online services, many offices offer customers the ability to see DMV wait times across the state. You may be able to check for wait times by typing “DMV near me” and visiting the nearest DMV’s office website to check if they have wait times available online. Try to monitor the wait times and head to one of the offices as soon as you believe that the wait time posted online suits your needs. However, keep in mind that wait times might change at any moments, so make sure that you have plenty of time to complete the service you need.

5. Check Online DMV Reviews

DMV online reviews are also popular and very indicative of wait times and the quality of an office’s service. Make sure that you read plenty of DMV reviews to make an informed decision about a particular office. Moreover, the best offices in terms of reviews may not be the ones closest to you, so keep an eye on how long you have to drive to get to that office.

6. Fill Out Forms Prior to Visiting the DMV

Another common DMV hack is to print and fill out any forms you may need prior to visiting a DMV office. Many DMV forms are available online, and you may be able to submit them through the website as well. If you are not able to print and fill out the forms before your visit, the DMV staff will provide the forms you need.

7. Make a DMV Appointment

Probably the most obvious DMV hack is to set an appointment before your visit. However, a DMV appointment may not be available for the service you need. Common services such as license renewals are only walk-in services, and your local DMV does not provide appointments for them. On the other hand, with more complex services like vehicle transactions or car titling, an appointment can come in handy and save you time.